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The Trail.

Etna is home of many natural “secret trails”, but “Stumpjumper” will be the first sustainable trail built on the volcano, trough the Linguaglossa pine forest. The project aims to promote the restoration of abandoned tracks for mountain bike riding.

The trail will allow the visit of some interesting geological fractures of the volcano caused by the “Pernicana” Fault, and will leads to the discovery of abandoned shelters and fascinating remains of a 1922 cable-car, made of materials left over from the First World War.
It will be an easy-medium level trail, so the descent will be enjoyable to all levels bikers. However, for expert bikers, the open and fluid design of the trail includes fun and fast sections with many  sparks to jump.
From 6 April to 5 May, the “Etnabikeland” project will take part in the IMBA European campaign “Take care of your trail”, in order to include sicilian MTB community in the european trailbuilding competition.

The creation of “stumpjumper” trail is a total self-financed project, if you want to support us, become a volunteer or a sponsor and join into the EBL community!

Other technical features:

  • lenght: 1,9 km
  • difference in height: 200 m
  • tread surface: stable, in some sections volcanic sand
  • average trail grade 10 %
  • Maximum trail grade 15%-20%
  • Natural Obstacles:
    • unavoidable obstacles 20cm high or less
    • Avoidable obstacles may be present


In the picture at the bottom: Jerome Clementz during a video recording into the Pineta di Linguaglossa. Photographer: Damien Guiot 



“Etnabikeland”, a dream and a projects program

We build “Etnabikeland” together!

The Etna park offers an unique natural landscape, we believe in the possibility of improving the tourist/sport enjoyment throughout a projects program for the development of mountain bike trails.

So our proposal aims to open a technical table with the interested institutions in the Etna district, in order to gather in a single network all the eco-compatible projects  that aim to enhance the trails of our territory.



Let’s try to imagine togheter 3 steps  to combine sport, society and enviroment:


Propose your idea to promote bike tourism in Etna

For Example:

  • trail building
  • services
  • initiatives


Let’s create projects brief togheter


Let’s try to make real our ideas

Support us

If you want to support Etnabikeland ASD initiatives, you can do it through a donation.

With your contribution we can create sports projects,  trails , educational and recreational events.

Entabikeland is a non-profit organization: our goal is to enhance our sport in harmony with nature, encouraging an eco-compatible use of the trails.